We bought "milk" in a cardboard carton at the local grocery store in Pamplona to eat with our American cereal (our only taste of home). Because the label on the box did not include the word milk, we read the ingredients which say that it is enriched with omega 3s and many vitamins- even better, right? But no. We bought this milk on the shelf, in the aisle devoted specifically to milk and baby products. There were so many kinds we figured the blue box looked safest, and bought three. After drinking it with our cereal, we liked it and made no efforts to further research its difference from our typical 1% favorite in the States.

Today, however, my room mate, Erica, googled "why does European milk taste different than American milk?" We found out that it is ultrapasteurized which gives it an extended shelf life, but shorter drinking life once opened. And thus the dilemma was solved and we decided that we were not drinking soy, goat's, baby, or whole milk. Good thing, because it's delicious and we weren't about to stop drinking it.

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