Bit by the biking bug

just bought a bike from a local shop- Brown's Bikes in Beverly (no relation to me).  I love going out and riding after work when it's a little chilly so I don't totally soak myself in sweat. To keep my legs burning I attached a basket and threw in an ipod/FM radio player which blasts everything from the Lady Gaga to Lionel Richie.  So far I have gotten positive feedback from passersby and especially children who sit on front porches or benches on the sidewalk who wave and are surprised by my music.

So this is the bike I (or my parents rather) purchased:  
But I am having a serious dilemma!!  I am a spinning fanatic and was hoping to really get moving on this bike for exercise and longer rides, not just cruising around for fun and into town.  This bike is beautiful, it's called the Cypress, manufactured by GIANT. But although it's fun, it's just not for everyone.  So I'm off to try and trade it in at Brown's, who buys and sells new and used bikes-just the people I need.  

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