Importing fun from Prague and León: friends visit Palma

After a FUN long weekend of entertaining friends, I am back at my madre's castle in my cozy clean princess room. Seven girls and I rented an apartment in a central neighborhood along the ocean boardwalk, where we laughed until our butts fell off.

Having this place was much more fun than staying in cramped hotel quarters or a hostel without any lounging space.  I highly recommend this to other students, families and adult travelers, because it is easy to cook, great for vegging with a movie, and inexpensive if you get a lot of people to chip in! The best site for this is www.homeaway.com where they offer vacation rentals from around the world and make planning easier by narrowing searches by apartment size, travel dates, and prices.

As for San Valentín- good thing we were all busy with soccer, going out, catching up, Carnaval parades, and making new friends otherwise being a single lady may have gotten me down (which would actually never happen because I have many caring stand-in boyfriends, like my Dad).

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