Carnaval, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday

Carnaval is approaching this weekend and there hype, and in my case, lots.

I am dressing up as Avatar and have gotten many helpful costume and makeup suggestions, but this one has to be my favorite clip of all sent to me by Molly O'Beastly-Brien.

Not helpful at all, but made me laugh and confident that I won't be the worst Avatar look alike this holiday season.

As for the tradition, Carnaval is held before and marks the beginning of Lent, so we must rally and have fun before giving up our vices for 40 days. That doesn't mean all vices, just some, or one will do. I would like to both give something up and commit to doing something good- that way the "giving something up and complaining about it" will be balanced with "me feeling good about being charitable". Therefor, making me a tolerable person to be around during the upcoming selfless season of self sacrificing and spiritual growth.

Ok, so what's it going to be this year?

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  1. you have a blog!? This is great! You have a new regular reader. -henrik