My first CUCARACHA!!

La cucaracha la cucaracha!

You would like to think that this is a form of Spanish dance or music, but don't be fooled. A cucaracha is a cockroach! And I just saw my first one scrambling across the floor of my room! I hollered for my madre to come help me with the "huge insect" because I didn't know whether to toss is out the window or stomp it. She came in with insect-killing spray, but once she recognized the level of severity and told me not to move. They can really move across the floor if you scare them, so she took off her slippers and WHOMPED it with ladylike grace.

Another tip: keep your shutters closed to prevent bugs. You'll just need to wear night vision goggles all day to maneuver the dark halls and rooms of cavernous Spanish apartments. What's with old Spanish ladies hiding in the dark all day? Like it really makes the room unbearably hot, come on. Natural light is healthy and saves them from high electricity bills which have recently skyrocketed.

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