Facebook lessons- calling all grandparents!

I just created a facebook page for my madre, Antonia. Stuck in the 1950s, she considers cooking a form of both exercise and entertainment, so this was a teaching first for me.

I put in her email, created a password, and entered her basic information: birth day, April 6th (the day after mine) followed by my birth year (1989) as to not reveal her mysterious ancient age.

She has never learned how to scroll to move on a page, so after cruising around I had to show her the old fashioned way of clicking the down arrow one click at a time to move the page- she's probably never going to use that feature anyway. I wrote down every detail for her to practice again tomorrow. She plans on searching for new friends one week at a time (grandchildren and past Holy Cross girls she's hosted).

After ten minutes of teaching, she was overwhelmed and shut down the internet. Upon turning off her computer we both sad goodnight to her background photo, Julio Iglesias, her fictitious boyfriend, more widely known as Enrique's dad to people my age.

God bless her.

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