Saludos de españa FREAKS!!!

I'm in Pamplona, Spain for a three week immersion program and language course before I settle down in Palma de Mallorca with a host mother.

Here are a few photos from my excursions so far.

Two are from our tour of the bull fighting arena where the head torrero (bull fighter) gave me a one-on-one lesson in the sand in front of 40 tourists.
Another one is of my room mates out on our apartment's terrace on our first night. (pictures: Hadley, Kathryn, Erica and me- looking fine after 24 hours of traveling, sweating, and being glared at by spaniards). Cheers to a new year!

The days are very long here; we eat dinner at 9 and the sun is just going down. Everything is beautiful and in this small city you can see mountains beyond all of the buildings. We are planning on going to a beach town this weekend and will take photos of the spaniards in the surf.

The euro stinks on ice.
Spanish people have awful American accents.
A vegetable sandwich means some lettuce with tunafish and six scoops of mayonnaise.
Everyone is skinny but eats, drinks and walks a lot.
Hippie moms let their kids poop on sidewalks and pick it up in plastic doggie bags.

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