Rock Band in Spang-lish

After pushing through a Sunday soccer game and pulling through on top I went to a friend's house to play the infamous instrumental video game, Rock Band.  With two Americans and two Spaniards, lots of Span-glish was spoken, a language perfected by all Spanish natives thanks to American cinema, the tv show Family Guy and pop music.

Not only did we play the original Rock Band game, but topped it off with a round of the special AC/DC edition and screeched and screamed through the lyrics of "Hells Bells", "Highway to Hell", and "You Shook Me All Night Long". 

My favorite part was seeing two boys in the bodies of giant men (of ages 34 and 36) imitate their idols on the ground by kicking, spinning, playing plastic guitars and singing. 

Afterward, we ate KFC wings, hot sauce and beer from cans to truly complete our American dreams for the evening.  It was an even trade- we teach them how to be American, they teach us Spanish, and we all master the Span-glish culture.

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