Let the creative direction begin, Teenie Weenie films her music video in Palma

Because my blog and I were busy jetsetting for the months of September and October, it's time to recap the pilgrimage of a dear old friend who made the valiant journey to Mallorca to visit old Granny Annie.

Teenie (pictured right) spent her week long October break in Palma sipping sangria, soaking up sun, and of course shooting her up and coming production- a music video.

A senior at Villanova University, Christine studies English and Business and aspires to rock the music world with her debut video this coming spring. Still filming between Europe and the U.S. the video has not released its cast list or specified its musical genre, but is guaranteed to be loaded with action, classy girls, and comedic snippets of college life both in the states and abroad.

Cheers to graduating in the spring (or for me, in two springs), not finding a secure job, and filming videos to post to youtube forever!! **This indicates that I will be collaborating behind the scenes with Teenie Weenie Productions By The Sea as the general manager and creative director.

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